For accounting firms there is no compromise when it comes to security

Basis is built with multiple layers of industry-standard security to protect your clients' data

Never expose your account credentials

Basis will never store the credentials to your financial institutions or accounting systems. When you set up your firm on Basis, we create a "handshake" with your systems that allows Basis to use revocable tokens to access your data via secure APIs.

Security from the ground up

We built our system from the ground up with security in mind, building on the shoulders of best-in-class infrastructure partners.

Data stored in USA
Built for compliance with major standards
Multi-factor authentication

Encryption, everywhere

Basis automatically encrypts your data at rest to prevent unauthorized access.

We use AES-256, HMAC and other industry standards that safeguard millions of applications around the world.
Our platform is secured with HTTPS, which uses TLS and certificates to ensure that your data is encrypted when transmitted between our services.

You control your data

We do not share or sell any information about your firm or your clients with third-parties. You can remove your data at any point.